Trip Delays or Cancellations

First, an important note

The cancellation, change and refund options described below are an indicative summary of the cancellation policies of the ferry companies as well as of the rights of ferry passengers as defined by the Greek state. Ferryhopper is not liable for any discrepancy or modification of these options and we recommend that you contact us or the ferry company for a more detailed and accurate answer concerning your specific case, at the time of its occurrence.

The trip was canceled. What are my rights?

First of all, this depends on whose responsibility it is. If the ferry company is at fault, such as due to a breakdown or a technical issue, the following conditions apply. If the trip is cancelled due to bad weather conditions, please see below for the very different conditions that this implies. Cancellation as a result of the ferry company’s negligence:

  • If the company advises you one week in advance or more, then they are required to provide you with a full refund.
  • If you have not received any information within the 7 days prior to departure, then the ferry company is responsible to ensure that you arrive at your initially planned destination by any means, at their cost.

Cancellation due to inclement weather

Ferry companies in Greece are powerful, but even they can’t control the weather. If your trip is cancelled due to bad weather, the following conditions apply:

  • You are entitled to modify your ticket to an equal value ticket that is available. You are also entitled to cancel your trip and receive a 100% refund.
  • In any case, if the Captain considers it safe, you are entitled to remain on the moored ferry to use the facilities on board.

How shall I be reimbursed for the fare and get my refund?

To qualify for any of the refunds or compensation packages mentioned above, you need to return the full physical ticket or the stub to one of the following points:

  • The ferry company
  • The ferry company’s agent in the specific port

In what cases any claims cannot be filed?

No claim can be filed for any delay, interruption, cancellation or itinerary change due to security reasons, in application of relevant law provisions (as case D, par 3, Article 6th, Law 2932/01), or Competent Authority relevant orders, in general, and specifically for the salvage of ships or persons in distress at sea, or a possible approved scheduled itinerary change to serve Emergency transport needs of public interest.