Can I cancel or change my booking?

First, an important note

The ticket cancellation, modification and refund options described below are a detailed and indicative summary of the policies of the ferry companies as well as of the rights of ferry passengers as defined by the Greek state. Ferryhopper is not liable for any discrepancy or modification of these options and we recommend that you contact us or the ferry company for a more detailed and accurate answer concerning your specific case.

The name on my ticket is misspelled. The license plate I have issued is mistaken. Will I have a problem?

It is important to be careful when you fill in your details and avoid typos or mistakes. The typical procedure for changing a reservation is to cancel the issued ticket and book a new one with the correct details. However, if you realize that a name is misspelled or that your email and phone number are wrong please contact us in order to notify the ferry company and try to figure out the best option for you. Especially on international trips, vehicle or discount tickets, you should be more careful in order to avoid missing your ferry or paying the full fare ticket. Regarding your email and phone number, please check that you have entered the correct details in order to receive the booking confirmation email as well as any communication in a case of emergency or trip modification.

What happens if I lose my boarding tickets?

Unless you have an electronic ticket, then we are sorry to say that without presenting the physical tickets, you will NOT be allowed to travel. The printed ticket is required and cannot be replaced by the reservation or the ticket number. Most companies offer a refund or a new ticket of equal value if the tickets you lost were not used for a month after the date of your scheduled trip. This, however, depends on the companies, and we recommend that you check up on them, but we would be happy to put you in touch with the right departments.

Can I change/cancel my tickets?

Ferryhopper can’t offer any special deals on top of what the ferry companies themselves offer up. If you book through us though, you will, of course, be fully covered by the official cancellation and change policies of each ferry operator. If you choose to cancel your booking, we will refund the value of the purchased tickets to you, withholding a cancellation fee of up to 6€ (euros) per booking. Please note that service fees, if applicable, are also refundable. Here is a brief review of some of the options available, but for a comprehensive list, you will have to review the specific companies’ policies. If you want to change or cancel your tickets, you have the following options:

Option 1, cancel your tickets and get reimbursed a certain percentage of your ticket price depending on the time between cancellation and scheduled departure

  • 100% at least 18 days (18 x 24h) before the scheduled departure
  • 75% at least 11 days (11 x 24h) before the scheduled departure
  • 50% at least 4 days (4 x 24h) before the scheduled departure

In the above-mentioned cases of cancellation, the amounts paid for VAT and other third-party beneficiaries are totally refunded. Also, the percentages and delays are the legally required minimum which the ferry companies must provide. Some companies have decided to provide better customer service than that bare minimum legal requirement. So in some cases, you may get a full refund if you cancel with only 10 days before your trip for example. If you need to cancel, check and see, and contact us if you’re still confused.

Option 2, change your ticket to another date. As this procedure is considered as a cancellation and re-booking process, there will be cancellation charges

Option 3, convert your ticket to an open ticket, which can be used for the same itinerary within 6 months.

All the actions listed above may be processed online or in person. Online processing that results in the aforementioned refunds requires that we are informed by the customer at least 48 hours before the corresponding deadlines. For any of the above actions please contact us and we will be more than happy to help you! Alternatively, you may process any of these actions at our offices during working days and hours.

I booked a cabin type, but now that I am on board, the ferry company tells me it’s not available. What can I do?

Unfortunately, this sometimes happens, but luckily, if you know your rights, you are quite well protected. You can either :

  • cancel your trip, in which case you will receive 100% refund of your ticket and compensation equivalent to the value of your ticket. For example, if you booked a cabin for 100 euros and it is not available, you can choose not to travel and therefore receive a refund of 100 euros and a compensation of 100 euros on top of that. If you have booked any vehicles, you will also have these refunded at 100%, but will not receive any compensation.
  • travel in any available lower class and receive double the difference between those two booked classes. So if you book a cabin worth 100 euro, and the only seat you can travel in is worth 40 euros, then the company will have to give you 120 euros to compensate you for the inconvenience.
  • travel in a higher class fare, however, if you ask for this, then you will need to pay 50% of the difference between the two classes. If your 100 euro cabin is unavailable and you ask to be upgraded to the 120 euro cabin, you will be asked to pay 10 euros for this. In some cases, however, the company may offer you this arrangement free of charge.