Having questions about ferry ticket booking and travelling in Greece? You are in the right place!

Planning your ferry trip

Should I book my ferry tickets in advance? And if so, when do ferry schedules and tickets become available? These are the first questions that come in mind when traveling by ferry to the Greek islands. Let us guide you through!

Luggage, Bikes, Pets and Hobbies

What about taking my pet on board? Are there any restrictions on the luggage that I can carry with me? Can I take my bike on board? Is there any extra cost?Are there any restrictions on the luggage that I can carry with me? My luggage was damaged or stolen. Can I claim reimbursement?

Payments, Privacy and Safety

What are the available payment options for my purchase? I am worried about my credit card details. Is it safe to place an order through ferryhopper.com? Why do you need my personal data (e.g. Name, Gender, Phone, e-mail) when issuing a ticket?

Ticket Types and Discounts

What is this “Early Booking Offer”? Can I book an open ticket? How do I get special discounts on ferry tickets? Is there an option for electronic ticket (e-ticket) in Greek ferries?

Can I cancel or change my booking?

You have spent some time planning your trip, choosing your ferry and getting ready for the Greek islands. But still, unforeseen developments may occur and you may want to cancel or change your booking. Find out what your best options are, in this short Q&A.

Collection of ferry tickets

The most popular question that our customer support team receives; how do I collect the ferry tickets that i 've booked online? Can I pick them up at the port before departure, or should i come by Ferryhopper offices?

Reservation and Booking Related Info

Ferryhopper has simplified ferry booking, so it shouldn’t be about the process anymore, but about the destination. If you have questions about booking a ferry to the Greek islands, this is where you should start from.

Trip Delays or Cancellations

What are my rights if the ferry is delayed, and it is the company’s fault? My ferry trip was canceled due to bad weather, can I ask for a refund? A practical guide to the refund policies of Greek ferry operators.