North Aegean, Greece

Ferry Schedules and Ferry Tickets for Samos

Samos' most important port, Karlovasi, is connected daily with Athens, Piraeus throughout the year. Find all the schedules and book the cheapest ferry tickets on Ferryhopper.

Vacation in Samos...

You will soon discover that the entire Samos is an archaeological site! Pythagoras, Aristarchus, Epicurus and maybe Aesopos were born on this island. We start with Iraio of Samos, where you may also find the ruins of the temple, which was dedicated to the goddess Hera. We continue with the Eupalinos tunnel, which was opened at the same time on both sides of the mountain The trivia for this trench is that it was ambiguous, as Herodotus characterized it, thanks to which it became known. It's worth mentioning that Pythagoras was born in Samos and besides his statue that dominates the harbor, you will see his figure in all souvenirs with a best seller the right cup of Pythagoras!

Samos has a remarkable wine heritage. If you happen to be there in August, don’t miss the wine tasting festival where all local producers sample their wines, and you can decide which wine will keep you company upon your way back home.

This island is really close to Turkey! You may swim in the magnificent blue waters just looking at the Turkish coast. And why not, make a daytrip from Vathi to Kusadasi with a fairly cheap ticket!

Tips for Samos island

Here are some good tips for Samos.

  • The island has a particularly good road link and I would highly recommend that you have a car with you if you want to enjoy the most isolated beaches along the island.
  • Samos is more than suitable for family vacations.

Samos has direct ferry connections with 17 ports:

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