Attica, Greece

Piraeus: the Athens gateway to the Aegean islands

The city of Piraeus is the main gateway from Athens to the islands of the Aegean, located 12 km southwest of the Athens city center and lying along the east coast of the Saronic Gulf. The biggest asset of Piraeus is its port. It is the largest port in Greece and the busiest port in Europe, serving around 20 million passengers per year. 

Ferries departing from Piraeus Port

As mentioned before Piraeus is the busiest passenger port in Europe. It is connecting Athens to the islands of Crete, Cyclades, Dodecanese, Northern Aegean and Saronic Gulf.

Ferry from Piraeus to Crete

Piraeus is connected to Crete with at least three ferries per day. Ferries to Heraklion and Chania depart from Gates E2 and E3, while the ferry to Rethymnon departs from Gates E6 or E7. During the summer season, additional schedules serve the route from Piraeus to Crete as the passenger volume gets quite increased. 

The overnight ferries to Heraklion and Chania usually depart at 21:00 and arrive at their destinations at 06:00 or 06:30. All ferries that serve the Crete routes have cabins, which can be booked through our ferry booking engine.

Ferry from Piraeus to the Cyclades

Piraeus is connected to all the islands of the Cyclades islands complex. There are several daily routes that connect Piraeus to the main islands of the Cyclades as Syros, Naxos, Mykonos, and Santorini. These are the most popular islands and they act as hubs for finding corresponding ferries island hopping. Of course, there are several other ferries that connect Piraeus with all the other islands of the Cyclades. Even if they are not daily, there will be at least 2-3 schedules per week to move all around the Aegean. The ferries that go to the Cyclades depart from several gates in the port of Piraeus i.e. from gates E6, E7, E9, and E10.

Ferry from Piraeus to the Dodecanese 

The ferries that connect Piraeus to the Dodecanese depart from gate E1.

Ferry from Piraeus to Lesvos, Chios, Samos, Ikaria and other Northern Aegean Islands

The ferries that connect Piraeus to the islands of Chios and Lesvos depart from gate E2, while the ones to Samos and Ikaria depart from gates E2, E9, and E10.

Ferry from Piraeus to Aegina, Hydra, Poros, Spetses, and Agistri

The ferries that connect Piraeus to the islands of the Saronic Gulf depart from gate E8.

ferry departure gates in the port of Piraeus

Getting to Piraeus Port

From Athens city center to Piraeus Port

Metro: Piraeus can be reached by metro line #1 (the green line). This line runs from Kifissia to Piraeus, passing through Athens city center and especially from the central stations of Omonoia, Monastiraki and Thisio. The green line is interconnected with the metro line #2 in the stations Attiki and Omonoia and metro line #3 in Monastiraki, facilitating the transport to the port of Piraeus from all over Athens. A normal metro ride from Omonoia to Piraeus takes about 25 min, and trains leave at maximum every 10 minutes. You can purchase your tickets at the metro stations and the ticket price for a 90 minutes ride is 1.40€. 

Bus: Piraeus is served by several buses. The main lines that interconnect Piraeus to Athens center are bus 040 from Syntagma to Piraeus and bus 049 from Omonoia to Piraeus. The bus stop that serves the port of Piraeus is Kotzia Square, which is located within 10 minutes walk to the port. These buses depart every 15-20 minutes and the ticket price for a 90 minutes ride is 1.40€. You can find more details on the best route for your commute to Piraeus port in Google Maps.

Taxi:  It takes around 35 minutes to go from Syntagma to the port of Piraeus, under normal traffic conditions. When doing your time calculations take into account that you may face heavy traffic, and this may increase the ride time to more than an hour. The distance from Syntagma is about 12 km and an indicative price is 20€ during the day and around 25€ during the night (00:00-05:00).

From Athens Airport to Piraeus Port

Metro: You can move from Athens Airport to Piraeus with Metro. Trains depart from the airport every 30 minutes (at xx:00 and xx:30). You will have to disembark at Monastiraki and get the metro line #1 (Green line), towards Piraeus. The total trip time takes about 1h and 20-30 mins, depending on the wait time during the correspondence. The ticket price is 10€ per passenger, while special discounts are applicable if two or more people are traveling together. 

Suburban Railway: Since February, 1st of 2018, there is a direct connection of Athens International Airport and Piraeus Port with the suburban railway. Trains depart every hour (at xx:09) and service starts at 06:09 am and stops at 22:09 pm. The trip lasts one hour and the tickets cost 10€/person. The discounts that apply to the Metro, also apply to suburban railway tickets.

Bus: There is a dedicated bus line that connects Athens International Airport to Piraeus port and runs between 05:00 and 20:00. The ticket price is 6€ and the trip duration is a bit more than an hour.

Taxi: It takes around 45 minutes to go from Athens International Airport to the port of Piraeus, under normal traffic conditions. When doing your time calculations take into account that you may face heavy traffic, and this may increase the ride time to more than an hour. An indicative price is 49€ during the day and around 65€ during the night (00:00-05:00) for a four people taxi.

Piraeus has direct ferry connections with 68 ports:

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